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Join Winner Industrial Ltd is an exporter and manufacturer specializing in bag fields in Hong Kong and China since 1997. We have a well-equipped production plant in China occupying an area more than 2000 square meters, employing more than 200 skilled workers produce travel bag, sporting bag, school bags, trolley case, luggage and handbags made in nylon, polyester, pvc and other materials. Besides, we also products coin purses, pencil case, wallets and promotion items in order to meet our client's difference market. Base on our company's 3G rule, Good Style, Good Quality and Good Price, we develop our collections for each season at least twice every year in order to catch up fashion of the world.

According to our past experience and clients' feedback, whatever our products or their own design are very successful in the market including some worldwide brand name, such as Disney, Puma, Kappa and etc. We therefore trust that we can provide same service to you and welcome you to visit our show room and factory to create any new chance for our mutual business. With well-established production facilities, we ensure prompt delivery, guarantee the best quality control and very competitive prices.

If you have any further questions or want more information about us, please feel free to contact us or send us inquiry form at once. Our experienced staffs are always ready to provide efficient service and a swift response to your queries.


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Our booth number in HK Mega Show Part II 2012 is 3G-D12 9/25/2012
Our catalogue in Leather Goods and Bags Magazine of Jul 2012 9/25/2012
Our booth number in HK Gift & Premium Fair 2012 is 3CON-090 9/25/2012
Our catalogue in Leather Goods and Bags Magazine of Apr 2012 9/25/2012
Our catalogue in Leather Goods and Bags Magazine of Jan 2012 9/25/2012
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